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11/10/05 12:22 pm

Miriam Jackson

Dr. Duenas

Nov. 8, 2005

Latin American Nations




The Underdogs



        In the book The Underdogs, the author, Mariano Azuela gives small glimpses into La Revolucion, The Mexican Revolution. The glimpses into the war are told through the experiences of a poor Indian farmer, who joins the revolution out of necessity to save his life and the lives of his wife and child.  Through this novel Azuela shows how war affects society and people.
         La Revolucion started after Profirio Diaz was taken from office.  The People, the peons, who had been oppressed rebelled against the landowners and banded together in an effort to bring about change.  Demetrio Macias was one of the Indian farmers who rebelled against authority, although, his plan was not to become a revolutionary.  He simple stood up for himself and for that his life was threatened.
        The altercation that spurred Demetrio's life onto the path of a revolutionary occurred in a saloon.  While having a drink in the company of his fellow farmers, the police walked into the saloon and proceeded to harass Demetrio and the other farmers.  Demetrio responded by spitting on the police chief's beard.  Weapons were drawn but both men remained alive.  Later however, Monico, the police chief, sent for the Federal troops to come and arrest Demetrio on a claim that he would turn into a rebel.  Friends of Demetrio warned him of what would take place and he was able to escape.  Since leaving his hometown of Limon, Demetrio has been accompanied by friends and fellow Indians who fight for the cause of the Revolution.  Demetrio did not want to part of the revolution. He only wished to return home and attend to his field.
        Along their journey from town to town fighting Federals, Demetrio and his band of men, happened upon Luis Cervantes, a deserter of the Federal Army.  Luis Cervantes was a medical student and a journalist.  He was drafted into the army and during his time as a soldier, he came to the realization that he was fighting for the wrong side.    Cervantes was treated poorly and the pay was meager.  The stories the other soldiers in his unit told of the welfare of the rebel army, was very appealing to Cervantes.  These stories were of the wealth and magnificence of the rebel army. The stories as Cervantes learned first hand were just stories, for the rebel men were in worse shape than the Federal Army.

        After deserting the Federal army Luis Cervantes’s first meeting with Demetrio Macias would be as a captured prisoner.  He was not killed on sight as this would have been typically upon finding a spy around camp, but he was brought before Demetrio and permitted to live until morning.  Cervantes would be questioned in the morning by Demetrio and his men concerning his unexpected arrival in their camp that night.  In the out come of the questioning Cervantes was permitted to live and allowed to go where he pleased.  Cervantes decided to remain with the rebel camp.

        Demetrio and his men were in a battle with Federal troops early the previous day and in the rebel’s victory, Demetrio was wounded.  One of Demetrio’s men treated the wound and also a medicine woman of the village in which they were camped.  However, Demetrio’s wound did not seem to be much improved.  In a last effort to achieve peace from his aching wound, Demetrio called for Cervantes, who had treated a gash in his leg several days ago and was now walking unhindered.

       Luis Cervantes cleaned the wound with boiled water and applied fresh bandages to the wound. Demetrio soon recovered and was very grateful to Cervantes.  As they began to spend more time with one another, Luis proposed his idea on the revolution to Demetrio.  Luis believed that the revolutionaries would win the war but little would change for peons.  Cervantes recited Madero as evidence to his claim, which stated that the rebels have risked their lives and may have left their wives and children destitute, but he now has what he wanted; to be president of the Republic. He also stated that the rebels could go back home to their hand-to-mouth existence and go hungry and naked as before. While they, the superiors would go about piling up a few million pesos (51). 

        And so Cervantes persuaded Demetrio

~Acts 2: 2-39~
~Romans 8: 13-18~

6/7/05 11:46 pm

good morning to all.

5/2/05 11:29 am

All these things are running through my head on what to write here. That's how it is when i try to write papers. I want things to come out just right and so it takes me a long time to write.. thus i get stressed and im not really happy about what i come up with in the end. pressure.tis not fun....this perfection gene from my mom.. she is the same why. I'll redue things till i think its right. And its probably ok the first time i do it but i don't think its good enough so i do it over again. tis not fun.
Well i have one more exam to do. Its a take home..but i have to do homeworks that lagged behind in doing. I talked to Tashun last night. Haven't talked to him on the phone in while. Twas cool. he said my voiced sounded more mature. Ha.. i think he just hasn't heard it in a while. but then i might have changed a bit. I say William Hunt today in the library earlier. I finally go his number for soph. Well i should go study I found comfortable chairs : ) yay.. Why aren't all the chairs in the library comfortable??

4/2/05 11:30 pm

Im tired. I don't want to write anymore papers. I want to catch up with my work. I want to follow through with the plans ive made in finishing work. Things don't work out the way you plan though. however they do eventually work out. I don't know what to do with my hair. I haven't permed it i don't know how long. I have about 3 inches of new growth in the top of my head, the sides and back are shorter. Sometimes i think about just perming it again. I wonder if going natural is right option for me right now.. I now if i decided not to go natural yet i would like to do it when im older. I don't know how style to wear. I just pull it back in a pony tail, although today i roller set it. It doesnt last aslong as it did when i had a perm, probably because of the new growth and the rollers might be too big. I think i will try to get perm rods, or try to do a straw set. If the side would grow in and not curl up so much i would be very happy. Actually the right side is the side that just needs to get with it and Grow!
Some times i feel lost; (lonely also) as in what i will do after college or why im there. what i will do with the history degree. I was thinking about going to a theology school, I wnat to learn more about the Bible.. but now.. it seems not as prominent an idea as it was at first.. I guess u can say things are kinda hazy.. if that makes sense. Maybe because im just trying to get through with this semester and pass. I don't want to repeat anything again. By God's gace i won't... I have to remember All things through Christ I can do.. and not lean to my own understanding.. I beleive i was doing that.. yep.
William.. yep still talking to him.. just talking on the phone once in while.. haven't seem him.. but his frat week is coming up so that may change. Althrough we have gone with the lets be friends thing before... this time is seems to really be true... or getting there. Its nice.

I think i will call it a night. write more later...

~Acts 2: 2-39~
~Romans 8: 13-18~

3/27/05 05:18 pm

"If there are six degrees of separation, why don't we have Osama Bin Laden yet?"
-L. J.

2/28/05 07:56 pm

I have to say, going to a beauty supply store is pretty cool.. there are so many things to look at.

2/25/05 03:13 pm

If the pineapples don't smell completely fresh and fruity, don't eat them....

2/25/05 12:29 am

Shaun of the Dead.... watch it : )

I went to class today, but no one was there... i know the professor told us that we were meeting in the library tuesday, or at least thats what i thought i heard. I guess he cancled class today or we were in fact supposed to meet in the library today.. ah well.. got to go home early : )

hmm there was something else i was going to talk about but i don't remember what...

2/21/05 12:57 pm

Its A Beautiful Day : )

2/21/05 12:54 pm

Your Love Number is


You are a peaceful person, and you tend to have calm, stable relationships.
Connecting deeply is another skill of yours, and you tend to know lovers well.
Trusting and laid back, you are an easy person to love.
Love can be a little blinding for you, so open your eyes a little more!

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